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This post is based on an amazing article I've read inside of Acne Paper (11th issue, winter 2010/11). The entire number of this magazine is dedicated to the concept of studio and the various implication for the artist, the model, the public...
Here I post some different paintings / photos, mentioned by the magazine in question, that all have the artist's studio as subject.

Alexander Liberman, "The artist in his studio"

F. G. Stephens, "Artist at home"

Elizabeth Brown, "Female figure lying on a bed"

Paul Cezanne, "The stove in the studio"

Eric Ravilious, "Edward Bowden in his studio"

Jorge Lewinski, "Frank Auerbach in his studio"

Octave Tassaert, "Interior of a studio"

John Ballantyne, "Portrait of sir Edwin Landseer"

Velasquez, "Las meninas"

John Boyne, "Meeting of connoisseurs"

Rembrandt, "Artist in his studio"

Rowlandson,  "A life class at the royal academy"

Mark Gertler, "Still Life with self-portrait"

Enea Vico, "The academy of Baccio Bandinelli"

Peter Tillemans, "The artist's studio"

W. P. Frith, "The sleeping model"

Vermeer, "Art of painting"

Gautier Deblonde

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