graduation party!

I think that averytime you have the opportunity to find something beautiful ...

Yesterday I went to a graduation party of a friend of mine. Crazy night... But the point isn't this.
I took a lot of photos with my camera...I'm not very good to regulate the various options, so usually I use it in a very casual way. But sometimes, unexpectedly, the resul shock me, and the photo seems very interesting.

This could sound very funny but this is the point for me: recognize beauty and enhance it ((maybe with the use of photoshop ;)  )).

maria zaikia, landschaft mit haus

tauba auerbach

magnus voll mathiassen, illustrations

trentemoller's concert

As I told you in an older post, I like Trentemoller and I bought the tiket for his concert in Milan, that was yesterday night. A M A Z I N G. And I found him very different if compared with the most part of the "other electronic djs". He was always laughing, exited to be there playing for us...so, very very involving.


graphic me

This above is a pic one friend done to me. I liked it although the photo is full of imperfections, so I used this in the editor's letter of my last work.

mona kuhn

Mona Kuhn is a brazilian photographer. I discovered her during one of my styling research. It's very interesting her way to look at nudity, without any kind of herotism but with a strong sense of purity.

You can find the same features in Marc Lavoine videoclip of the song "Demande moi", for which Mona worked as director.

Marc Lavoine - Demande Moi from mona kuhn on Vimeo.

I like also these nature's shoots.

this is pop


Editorial: "This is pop"
Photographer: Viviane Sassen
Magazine: Pop aw 2009


cleaning my room

These are two magazine's pages that I've found in my bookcase yesterday, during a very unusual "clean attack". Unfortunatly I don't remember neither their specific magazine nor the season, but well, for me this kind of style is timeless, a different reinterpretation of a minimalism with a little touch of vintage.

march of no coincidence, uniforms for the dedicated

Uniforms feat. Maria Nordström - March of No Coincidence from Uniforms for the Dedicated on Vimeo.

The brand Uniforms of the Decade always try to showcase their brand in a different way. This time it is with a music video.

joyce tennenson

Scan from "The polaroid book", edited by Steve Crist, Taschen.

joseph mallord william turner

I saw some Turner's painting on the inside of National Gallery, London.
He impressed me a lot becouse of a particular mixture of color, that make my eyes relax and dream.