robert smithson "ithaca mirror trail", ithaca, new york 1969

Robert Smithson is one of the most important representative of Land Art.
I saw these pictures on the inside of Tate Modern Gallery, London. This work is part of a section reserved to those author who usally work whit "series".

Smithson carried a mirror northwards to the Cayuga Salt Works. At eight locations, marked on the map with Letraset letters, he placed the mirror in the landscape and photographed it. The images in the mirror were not intended to record the sites themselves but, rather, to show nature reflected back at itself.

alexander gronsky

This photographer have explored the territory around Moscow, that border zone that is a rural and urban mix.
He won the 2010 Foam Paul Huf Award.


cooperative designs aw 2010

Cooperative Designs is one of my favourite brand at the moment.
They reflect my obsession about geometric shapes and espetially stripes.

See Cooperative Designs fashion show on their website: http://www.cooperative-designs.com/index.html .
You will better enjoy the atmosphere given by the location and the music.


wolfgang tillmans

I saw this artist's work at Serpentine Gallery, London.

robert hodgin

In my second last post, I was talking about Trentemoller, a famous dj, and his video Miss You. It shocked me a lot. For me it's something marvellous, and this made me start a little research about the author.
I discovered that his name is Robert Hodgin, a visual artist, and I fell in love with him.
He's a genius.

I post for you one of my favourite Hodgin's video, Advanced Beauty 6/18.

Advanced Beauty 6 of 18 / Directed by Robert Hodgin from Universal Everything on Vimeo.

This is his website http://www.flight404.com/blog/ . You can easily find the link for his portfolio and for his Vimeo page.



Trentemoller is coming soon at Milan's Magazzini Generali. I like in particular the song Miss You, an amazing combination of music and visual.
I'll buy the ticket!


urban invasion

This is one of my second year work.
It takes inspiration from Christo and Jeanne-Claude art. It's very crazy, especially if you think about the way of its realization! It was a very funny!
Project planned and realized by: me (Paola Cignoli),Anna Maroncelli, Annalisa Cardinale, Alessandra Barazzoni.
Photographer: Leopoldo Caggiano.

theo van rysselberghe

I saw the first Van Rysselberghe's painting at National Gallery, London.
The atmosphere is so suspended, the sense of moonlight so strong, the silence so total....

jarik jongman



Dylan Forsberg Photo.
Your skin change its smells after hours of sun. You fell so high. Sense of empty.

darren almond

I discoverd this amazing artist at White Cube Gallery, London.

I saw a three panel installation, each with a different projection. Most of Darren's works are filmed in wide ranging and often inaccessible geographical location, such as Arctic Circle, Siberia, the holy mountains in China or the source of the Nile.

These are some Allmond's photos. I love them because of their ghostly and suspended atmosphere.


travel _ london pt.1

I've just went back to Milan after a summer spent in London.
I'm studying at Istituto Marangoni of Milan, a famous fashion school, that leave us three months of holiday during summer, so I decided to go to London for the first time to improve my english and to find something new in terms of experiences, people and stimulus.
I found a work in Camden Town, as shop assistant, and another more conceiving my field: I done some artworks for the website of a particular and wonderful (for me) shop in Brick Lane (east London).
This experience was amazing, and I look forward to going back after finishing my school.
Here, some pics I've done with my camera.

a present from london

Hi you all, welcome to my blog.
I want to open with a unique present London gave to me: an amazing Sally Mann's exhibition.
She's a photographer with a strong character, as you can see through her pictures. Her favourite subjects are the members of her family, in particular the two dawter and the son, but also his husband.
She impress me a lot, because of her decadence taste, a strange sense of family that remind me some old stories full of opposite emotions and something sexual.