u2, no line on the horizon

This is the cover from the U2 album "No line on the horizon". The picture is composed by a Huroshi Sugimoto photo and a mathematical symbol. It's very interesting the words play between the tytle of the CD, the minus and the pic.

However, I ADORE Hiroshi Sugimoto. I already knew him because of my research about minimalism during my second year of Marangoni Fashion Institute. Moreover, I saw some of his works on th inside on Tate Modern Gallery in London, in the "series section". It's so exciting when I discover an artist or something particular, and then I find it casually in a museum or something else. And it's starting to happen more and more frequently!!

One of Sugimoto favourite subjects is the sea, just sea and sky, drawed in balck and white, and during different weather and atmosphere conditions.

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